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Saturday, 15 September 2012

Why Do Artists Split?

Except for Edgar and Davids, as well as Lucky Stars, most artists in the country seem to fail to carry on with their collaboration as soon as they register some form of success.
Duos that quickly come to mind are Kapirintiya, Evance Mereka and Zebron Kankhunda, Atumwi, and you can add to the list...
Let me stick to the three pairs above.
Evance Mereka seemingly split with Zebron Kankhunda when it was apparent that Evance rode high on their fame as most artists, gospel and secular alike, wanted to feature him and this led to the end of the collaboration.
The same would be said about Atumwi. Nicolas Mbonera aka Nthumwi Nikodemo is a broadcaster with MIJ FM and apparently always busy. But his Atumwi collaborator Evans Zangazanga was a free man leading to his joining hands with other artists including Maskal whose results is their hit single 'Wa CV'.
Nthumwi Piksy, as this is the showbiz name for Evans Zangazanga, has since recorded a debut solo album, on Ndefeyo Music label.
Regardless of registered fame with their Sendeza genre the two split, nonetheless.
Then Piksy became Airtel Brand ambassador and the centre finally failed to hold; it started with media refutals, before he finally announced the split in the media unbeknownst to Nikodemo as he alleged.
While one would, to an extent, understand the Atumwi split, perhaps the most surprising disintegration is that of Kapirintiya.
Code Sangala is an elder brother to Shadre and it was more of a shock when the younger sibling confessed that he in fact read it in the media.
Some of you may think I am just making this up, but if you have an opportunity, please check The Daily Times of June 1, 2012 where it has been reported that guitarist Shadre was never told that his brother Code was going solo and that he only learnt it from the newspaper.
"To be frank with you, Code never told me he was going solo and I was shocked when I read in the newspaper. Anyway I cannot say much since he says he is exercising his artistic rights," the newspaper quotes the hoarse-voiced Shadre who wished his brother all the best in his solo project stressing that as for him he would not go solo but remain with Kapirintiya.
Even if Code says Kapirintiya will always be the base of his music career, as it gave him the platform to express his feelings, the fact is that he has decided to do his own stuff away from the Ndirande based collaboration that rode to fame with 'Kwathu ku Ndirande'.
The questions started coming when last year Shadre performed alone during a concert at Kachere in Blantyre.
Then speculation started emerging that perhaps Code who has since changed his showbiz name to C-O decided to turn solo after getting bigger than Kapirintiya having been a Big Brother House mate for two times, plus signing some other juicy contracts after his Big Brother escapades.
While Code and Shadre could get back due to their bloody bond and have come from a musical background where their late father used to play a guitar it is worrisome with other splits.
After all, Code always seems positively restless artistically considering that he first tested the stage with his elder brothers Wallstone and Ceaser through The Sangala Trio which toured with Mhango Salvation Singers before forming Kapirintiya with Shadre, and now has his hands on a solo career.
But for the others, what becomes of them?
Evance Meleka now says he has turned to gospel and so far one track from Zebron that I have heard seem to be accusing Meleka of back stabbing.
Piksy and Nikodemo say the rapport between them is still cordial.
Perhaps all these are irrelevant and what should be established is that why should the duo artists split soon after registering some form of success?

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